Northern Lights – 2018

I know, I know…it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. Sadly the fun Nantes save died the “corruption” death (not the FIFA kind) when I was flying back from Germany in late March. Since then I’ve been struggling to find a fun “side save” to play alongside my Hamburg YouTube series (you can... Continue Reading →

The Disciple…Moody Hajduk

Darko Rodic’s first season as manager of his hometown club, Hajduk Split has been one of learning for the young manager. He learned quickly that it would take time for him to truly develop his mentor-inspired tactic. Also, he found out right away that it would take his squad some time to learn his system... Continue Reading →

The Disciple…The Beginning

Like you might have seen in my series trailer (see HERE), Darko Rodic’s managerial career is beginning at his hometown club, Hajduk Split. If you want a quick refresher of the details & “rules” of this save you can read about them HERE. We now join Darko a few weeks after he was announced as... Continue Reading →

The Importance of In-Match Adjustments

In my previous article (see HERE), I briefly mentioned the apparent greater significance of in-match adjustments in Football Manager 2018 versus the previous versions of the game. After nearly two weeks of playing the Beta, this opinion has only gotten stronger. There were quite a few matches, where by closely watching the game, analyzing the... Continue Reading →

The Disciple…Thoughts, Rules & Plans

One of my greatest weaknesses in Football Manager terms is “sticking with it” in terms of a club. Now this is never down to being flaky or rage quitting when things get hard, but rather my overall interest in the multifaceted world of football. The wide variety of intriguing leagues, clubs and competitions always tempts... Continue Reading →

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