What’s This?

Welcome to the very first post on my new Football Manager website. New? Yes, new. A few months ago I stopped making Football Manager content under the name Der FM. To explain why might take more time than you care to take, but the short and sweet of it is that making the kind of content that I was (YouTube videos), was simply far too time consuming. I run my own business (marketing & international business development) and have a family (happily married with 2 kids), both of which deserve my absolute focus and attention. So I decided to go away for a while. There were also other reasons that helped push me in this direction that I don’t feel are necessary to get into at this point.

So why come back and with a new name to boot? The reason for coming back is quite simple. I love Football Manager and I love sharing my experiences and thoughts with the greater FM playing community. In the few months away, I rediscovered my love for the game (after a longer playing break) with a save that I will discuss in a separate post. The name change represents an entirely new “me” so to speak. I don’t just want to be known as “that German FM guy”, but rather touch on different subjects, leagues, teams, etc. Granted, German football will always get major attention from me, but it won’t be my sole focus. I also want to only write about FM (hence “scribe”), since making videos costs time that I just don’t have anymore. Finally, I wanted a clear new beginning without any baggage from the past 2 years.

Now I’m back and I plan on staying back. What you can expect moving forward on this particular website will be an occasional save story, some tactics- and strategy guides, as well as information on different clubs, players, etc. Additionally, I will also be guest writing some pieces for a few other websites.

In the next 6 or so weeks, before the release of the Football Manager 2018 BETA (yes I preordered), I will write some posts on possible clubs to manage. My biggest weakness is picking a club and storyline for a save. So as much as I hope these small club guides will help you choose an interesting save, it will also benefit me immensely.

Well I hope this short post helped explain things a bit more for you. I hope to “see” you here in the future and that you will enjoy what I plan on writing and sharing with you.

Matthias/The FM Scribe

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  2. Having got to know you as FM Scribe I’m so pleased you decided to come back. I’ve searched in vain for your Der FM content on YouTube. Is it still up?


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