My FM17 Epilogue

As I’m writing this article, Sports Interactive have released their first Football Manager 2018 features/teaser video. So I figured now would be as good a time as any to write my final FM17 themed bit of content. In this post I will look back at my experiences in FM17 and look ahead to FM18.

For those that don’t know me, I used to known as Der FM and talked about my much-needed break and “rebrand” in an earlier post (read HERE). As such, my FM17 experiences encompass both Der FM and The FM Scribe.

I experienced some great little successes in this iteration of my favorite game. It all started with rebuilding Hamburger SV. Next, I brought FC Carl Zeiss Jena back to the 2nd Bundesliga with successive promotions from the 4th tier Regionalliga Nordost. I managed in France for the very first time with one of their most storied clubs, Stade Reims, and experienced two cup finals and Champions League qualification. Next was my first foray into South America, thanks to the inspiration of my friend FM Grasshopper. Managing Argentinos Juniors was both fun and frustrating. Thus I went back to Germany and a short “tutorial” YouTube series with Fortuna Düsseldorf. There were a few failed experiments along the way too (e.g. FC Südtirol). Finally, I ended FM17 with my most enjoyable and successful save: 1. FC Kaiserslautern.

I won a few league titles and domestic cups along the way, along with a few memorable matches. I never did win the “big one”, i.e. Champions League, but that has never been my measure of success on FM. In my book, if I’m enjoying it then I’m having success.

Football Manager 2017 once again helped to challenge my tactical mind and opened it up to new concepts and theories, many of which I will take with me into FM18. The game further deepened my appreciation for certain roles (Defensive Forward and the “boring” Central Midfielder). FM17 also opened my eyes to new leagues and countries (e.g. Argentina) that I will certainly explore even more going forward.

But all was not rosy on FM17. I found it much harder to get motivated for a save (excluding my last one) than in FM16. This lack of focus had nothing to do with the game, but rather my own personal life. During the first six months of FM17 I was trying to build a business and finances were tight. Compounding those pressures were health issues with my son. All of these stresses and pressures made me lose my deep passion for Football Manager and making content (videos & articles). Now however, things are looking much brighter personally and professionally, and I’m once again thrilled to dive into the next version of this amazing game. I won’t be making FM YouTube video series since my time is tighter now than before, but I will write about it on a regular basis.

So that now concludes my look back at Football Manager 2017. What about Football Manager 2018? Well I already teased a little bit about what I’ll be doing on FM18.

More details will come in a few weeks, but what I will tell you is that it will follow the career of an adventurous young manager. The series will focus a lot on tactics, player development and – management, and I hope to convey it all in an entertaining writing style.

In addition to this main save, I will have a save where I experiment a lot with different tactical and game elements. The most likely candidate for this “petri dish” save is Bayer Leverkusen.

In the next few weeks I plan on (time permitting) highlighting a few clubs on this site that I would find interesting to manage in Football Manager 2018.

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