The Disciple…The Eternal Derby

Hajduk versus Dinamo. It’s the derby that captures the attention of all Croatian football fans. Here’s a short documentary from “Copa 90” highlighting this passion filled derby.

On the evening of August 20th, 2017, Darko Rodic would experience his first Eternal Derby as the manager of Hajduk Split. As a former Hajduk player and child of Split, his passion for the match shone through during the pre-match press conference where he spoke openly about attacking their great rivals.

Eternal Derby 1

Eternal Derby 2

Both teams came into the match unbeaten in the league. The winner would take the top spot in the league. Let’s take a look at the highlights of this epic encounter.

Darko admitted to being emotionally drained after the match, given how much he invested in it from the moment the week began.

Eternal Derby 3

Hajduk now sit a top the league for the first time in the season.

August 2017 Manager of the Month

Aside from the undefeated start to the campaign, Hajduk’s win in the Eternal Derby helped propel Darko to the “Manager of the Month” award. It’s a long season in Croatia, but Darko has had the perfect start domestically.

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