My FM17 Epilogue

As I’m writing this article, Sports Interactive have released their first Football Manager 2018 features/teaser video. So I figured now would be as good a time as any to write my final FM17 themed bit of content. In this post I will look back at my experiences in FM17 and look ahead to FM18. For... Continue Reading →

The “Lautern” Tactic

As many of you know, the tactical side of football and Football Manager is one of my favorite topics. I love delving into tactical concepts and trying to tinker (probably too much at times) with them in FM. So in my fourth and final post about my 1. FC Kaiserslautern save, I will be giving... Continue Reading →

The Young Devils

One of my favorite things on Football Manager is to develop young players and my Kaiserslautern save has been no different. Now I didn’t run out with 11 kids, but there were quite a few young players that contributed greatly to our 2019/2020 Bundesliga title success (read about it HERE) and I wanted to quickly... Continue Reading →

Back at the Top

This Kaiserslautern save is my last one on FM17. It seems a bit fitting that it not only is my most enjoyable one, but also my most successful one. I might as well end this version of Football Manager on a high. I had already defined the success of this save after winning the DFB... Continue Reading →

Saved by the Devil

After an initial Football Manager break of a few weeks, I came back and started a fresh new save. I decided to go with the club that I wanted to start FM17 with: 1. FC Kaiserslautern, the “Red Devils” (Roten Teufel). This save “saved” my love for Football Manager and thus has a special place... Continue Reading →

What’s This?

Welcome to the very first post on my new Football Manager website. New? Yes, new. A few months ago I stopped making Football Manager content under the name Der FM. To explain why might take more time than you care to take, but the short and sweet of it is that making the kind of... Continue Reading →

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